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World Cup 2014 Odds: Bookmakers odds on World Cup 2014


 The World Cup 2014 is just one year away and as the tradition dictates, bets are already being placed by the smart punters to secure the best odds available on the countries competing in the upcoming installment of the most popular sporting event in the world. Whether you are betting your favourite team to win the World Cup or being more pragmatic and going for the money, below you will find an odds comparison of the top teams at the most popular online bookmakers. We will monitor the World Cup 2014 odds and update this table with time, so make sure you bookmark this page for easy access in the future or you can go to each bookmaker and check the odds yourself, if you have that much time on your hands.

 The table below show the World Cup 2014 odds on the top football teams. The table was arranged by odds-favourite. Here are the favourites to win the 2014 World Cup outright and their betting odds, as posted by the top bookies:

World Cup 2014 Team Odds at Odds at Paddy Power (outright)
Brazil 10/3 10/3
Argentina 5/1 9/2
Germany 5/1 5/1
Spain 11/2 11/2
Belgium 14/1 14/1
Holland 18/1 18/1
England 20/1 20/1
Italy 20/1 20/1
Colombia 28/1 25/1
Uruguay 33/1 33/1
Portugal 40/1 40/1
France 40/1 33/1
Russia 50/1 40/1
Chile 50/1 50/1
USA 80/1 100/1

 A few interesting musing at this stage of the betting trends and odds is the fact that Spain has fallen all the way down to fourth in the odds comparison, outpaced by both Germany and Argentina. As many have been expecting, Brazil is still atop the list with the best odds to win World Cup 2014, no surprises here. Still, even being the top favourite, Brazil is offering a great price for the punters, three times your money for betting on the favourite is a great deal. As the bookmakers begin to accept the bets, however, we expect that those 10/3 odds will shrink dramatically, so if you plan on betting the winner of the 2014 World Cup, we advise you to get in as soon as you can.

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