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Odds to win Barclays Premier League 2012/13 outright


 Very little time has left until the start of the 2012-2013 Barclays Premier League and today we will look at the latest betting odds on the football teams to win the EPL outright. We should also mention that now is the best time to place your bets on this market, since not much time has left to do so, yet the odds are as good as they will get. Beating the crowd to the outright odds to win the Barclays Premier League is a good way to ensure you get the best payout. Remember that the bookmakers will adjust the odds according to which teams people bet the most, in other words, if your favourite football team gets a lot of bets to win the Premier League outright - their payout will be smaller and smaller.

 We will use the odds to win the Premier League outright from two of the most popular UK online bookmakers, which are also among the top recommendations by us, as well Paddy Power (get �50 free at Paddy here).

 As many of you may have expected, Manchester City is the current odds-favourite to win the 2012/2013 Barclays Premier League title, listed with odds 5/4 (2.25) at both online bookmakers. City winning the title on goal difference has hardly affected the decision by the odds makers to make them quite the favourite to win the EPL outright. The second in line on the betting slips is Manchester United, who are listed with odds 9/4 (3.25) at Bet 365 and are fairing even worse at Paddy Powers with odds 12/5 (3.40) to grab their 20th Premier League title this season. As you can clearly see, the gap between City and United, according to the bookmakers, is quite large, but there is a silver lining for the United fans - the payout on these betting odds is great - �10 bet on United to win the Barclays Premier League title will deliver back 34 quid, if the Red Devils win the title in the end.

 Looking at the odds to win the Barclays Premier League for the 2012-13 season on the other top football teams, it appears that if the online bookmakers are correct, it will be yet another disappointing season for Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. Chelsea are sitting third on odds to win the Premier League this season with odds 9/2 (5.50) at both bookies, although this is an improvement from the 6th place they took last season. Arsenal hold 12/1 odds to win the Premier League in the 2012/2013 season, while Liverpool and Tottenham are sharing 25/1 odds to win the EPL at Paddy Power, while at Bet 365 Tottenham are edging Liverpool with 25/1 and 28/1 odds to win the Premier League outright respectively.

 This may seem like quite the mess for England football bettors , but if the odds are any indication - fans of the game will have a great time this season. Here are the odds to win outright the Barclays Premier League by bookmaker for the top teams, visit the bookies to see the full list of betting odds or to place a bet and the the free bet bonuses:

Odds to win Premier League outright (2012-13):

Premier League Team @ Paddy Power
Manchester City 5/4 5/4
Manchester United 9/4 12/5
Chelsea 9/2 9/2
Arsenal 11/1 12/1
Liverpool 25/1 25/1
Tottenham 28/1 25/1
Newcastle 150/1 175/1


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