The licensing and regulation information of the online bookmakers is very important to betting it safe on the Internet.

Online bookmakers licensing and regulation information

 Information on the online bookmakers licensing jurisdiction and general regulation information are important factors to consider when choosing the right online bookie. Most people don't even think about such information, assuming that someone somewhere is keeping tabs on the online bookies, others simply don't care about it. Choosing an online bookmaker with proper regulation and licensing credentials is extremely important, however. A bookie which is licensed in the right jurisdiction and obeys its rules and regulations for proper gambling conduct is a bookie that is honest and trustworthy. A bookmaker that hides this information is likely not.



 So where can people find this information? Most of the good online bookmakers will post their licensing information right on their home pages, while at other betting websites this could be found under the "about us" section or on a separate section of the website discussing the licensing issues. Due diligence here is important, as some rogue betting sites could simply lie about their licenses, otherwise they wouldn't be rogue, true? Popular jurisdictions, such as Malta, where a large portion of the European online bookmakers are licensed, will offer a searchable catalog on their gambling regulation websites. You can search the licensees by name or by license number to verify that this actual bookie is really licensed and regulated by the jurisdiction they claim. Disputes and problems between the punters and the bookie are easily resolved by companies holding licenses in those areas.


 In addition, one could simply skip the tedious process of verifying the licensing information of the online bookmakers by simply choosing one or more of the bookmakers listed on our website. They are all licensed and regulated properly and we continuously monitor their licensing state to ensure the information is up to date. To simply find great bookmakers, which are also licensed and regulated by the proper authorities - just visit our home page.

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