Football betting is the leading activity in the gambling industry throughout the world. With the UK home o the top clubs, Premier League football betting odds are the most sought after.

Football bookmakers: Best odds on football bets

 We are not letting out a big secret when we say that football betting is the most popular type of wagering in the UK. And as always - competition is to the benefit of the consumer, with many quality bookmakers fighting for the wagers of the bettors. This is where the odds the online bookmakers offer on the football games come into play. Every experienced punter will look for that small bump in the odds to give them edge when placing bets, especially parlays, where even the slightest of coefficient increase could lead into much larger winnings. Below we will list the bookmakers offering the best football odds:


Best football odds Bookmakers:


When we talk about the best football odds, the first bookmaker that comes to mind is without a trace of doubt . The bookie often guarantees to have the best football odds, especially when big games are in play, as well as for the European and International competitions. Betting on the football games in the Champions League, the Euro or the World Cup, this bookmaker will give the the top odds on those football games. In addition, one will get the best odds not only on the outcome of the game, but the over 100 betting markets that come along with some of the big derbies. Premier League punters will be happy to learn that most of the time no one could beat the football odds offered by this bookie. If you have never visited before, follow to link above to qualify for up to �200 as soon as you open a betting account with this bookmaker. 


No.2 - UniBet (� 100 free bet click here) A big rival to , Unibet is rightfully placed among the bookmakers with the best football odds. Most of the time the odds on the football games at his European bookmaker are in line with UK's , however, the bonus for new customers is slightly smaller and the odds do not carry the guarantee you can get with . But don't let this deter you from joining this online bookie. Licensed and certified, this sports gambling company is one of the few with untarnished reputation. And let's face it, many bettors prefer to have more than one bookie in order to work the odds (or the betting limits) to their advantage. And even though Unibet's strength is in other sports, such as tennis and volleyball, the bookie is on par with the best when it comes to offering top football odds.


 Now you know the top 2 online bookmakers for the best odds on your football bets. If you want to expand your wagering options even wider, there are a few great bookies listed on our main page. But if the absolute best football odds are your goal, the aforementioned two bookmakers should be your main destination. If betting markets on the football games, along with guaranteed best odds are your main priority, is where you should go.

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