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Double Chance Explained: Win/Draw betting


 Double chance is one of the betting markets the bookmakers offer, which is often overlooked by the bettor. In it's essence, the double chance is an option to bet on a match given by the bookmakers in which the bettor wagers on two outcomes of the game, hence the name double chance. A double chance eliminates the third possible outcome in a football game, shrinking the options to just two. Some people refer to the double chance as "win/draw" bet, which is somewhat correct, but it does not tell the whole story.

 A double chance bet combines a win/draw for both teams or eliminates the draw altogether, giving the punter three betting options: either the host will win or draw, the visitors will win or draw, or either the host or the visitor will win. Let's look at an example in order to make this easier to explain and understand. Let's say that Manchester United is playing Barcelona and the odds makers at the popular sports betting website have given the following options for a double chance betting:

Man Utd Win/Draw: 1.16 Barcelona Win/Draw: 1.06 Man Utd or Barcelona: 1.06

 As you can see, there are still three betting options with the Double Chance bet, although one can see where people also refer to the double chance as win/draw bet. In the first option the odds will pay out on the bet if Manchester United either wins or draws the game, in the second Barca either wins or draws and the third option will pay out only if draw is not the end outcome of the football game. This makes the third option not really a win/draw bet but more of a no-draw bet.

 Either way you bet the double chance, however, it essentially eliminates the third option that would usually be present with a fixed odds match betting. It's surprising that double chance is not as popular as other forms of football wagering, considering that the options to lose are much smaller. Of course, the bigger chance for the bettor to win - the shorter the odds offered by the bookmakers would be. But this is a great bet to wager in a parlay or simply to get some extra return while risking less than usual. We highly recommend high rollers take a look at the double chance betting markets, as well as anyone looking to take advantage of the smaller risk associated with double chance bets.

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